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Advice given by H.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi:

“All such people [ie. right-sided] have over-active organs. Due to overactive organs, they develop a very bad heart, which is overactive. In which the heart pumps fast, palpitations take place. In lungs he develops asthma. In his intestines he develops constipation, he develops a very-very bad liver and a very unhealthy skin. The skin is extremely sallow. And such a person is very-very quarrelsome and aggressive”
(Sickness and its cure, New Delhi, 9/2/83, Nirmala Yoga no.25)

“The heat from the liver after some time collapses the lungs leading to asthma. When the liver does not get enough nourishment then it becomes overactive. The intestines dry up causing constipation.”
(Address to Medical Conference, Moscow, June 1990)

“You know, the best thing if you are constipated, take a newspaper. It’s a simple thing. And horrid news. That’s how I see some people, I have treated them. They say. ‘We are constipated’, I say: ‘Read a newspaper in the morning.’”
(Talk to Mothers and Babies, 1983)

"I think little chilies will help you because normally people get constipation if you don’t take chilies. Indians never suffer from this disease because, they have always a little chilies in their food. Little chilies, is alright. You can develop a little taste for chilies, is alright. It cleanses you and it has vitamin C also in it. So, it is quite good for colds and other things.
(Talk to Western yogis, India Tour, Aurangabad, 7/12/88)

“We have so many ways of removing in India. Like we take ajwain ka churan and all that with black grapes, dried ones, raisins, black raisins. Prunes with orange juice is good, or also milk, boiled milk in the night.”
(Talk to Mothers and Babies, 1983)

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