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Adi Shakti

Adi means Primordial and Shakti means Power. So Adi Shakti means Primordial Power of God. At the begining of time only these Two existed: God and His Shakti. God is the Observer and She is the embodiment of His Will, of His Dreams, of His Emotions, of His Feelings and Plans. So She started to create and with Her endless love She has created the whole universe and universes which are nothing else but a beautiful cloak which Adi Shakti has made for God to wrap Him with it and to make Him visible. (Hania, Poland)

"Shiva-Shakti is one and the same; however, there being deceptive appearance in duality in form, it is difficult even on constant thinking to know which half-part of one is combined with that of the other to form one whole. Both of them point to the essential unity in their primal form. They are the primordial parents of the universe. I bow to them to reach their true state."
(Jnaneshwara, Amritanubhava)

"I make prostration to Shiva and Parvati, who form the embodiment of all arts, whose matted crests are adorned with the crescent moon, who are to each other the mutual rewards obtained by their respective austerities, who bestow on aspirants liberation and other fruits of devotional life, who are the source of abounding good to the three worlds, who reveal themselves in forms of ever-renewing novelty with the progress of meditation, and whose experience generates supreme bliss in a mind contemplating on them."
(Shankaracharya, Sivanandalahari)

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