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Heavenly Wisdom

Wisdom spoke: Endeavour to practice and hold what your Mother, heavenly Wisdom, has said to you.
It is certainly difficult to travel forth in nature, wherein you dwell, on the superior way without interruption, and to make all hindrances into favourable circumstances; but faith, practiced in weakness, develops faith, until it finally becomes power. ...
Although there are always only very few men who love and seek the holy Wisdom, she has also in the great crowd of men on earth still a sizable number of friends. But there are always a few who really take to her as mother and themselves as her children, and still fewer, one finds, who long for a true union with her.
Whoever has the mother, he is truly cared for according to soul and body. But whoever attains an authentic union with her, he possesses yet more, indeed everything which is permitted him in time and eternity, even coming to participating in the glorification that belongs to the image of God.

Johann Jacob Wirz (1778-1858)

This Swiss mystic formed the Nazarene Community, emphasising a simple and humble way of life.
Wirz was guided by heavenly Wisdom as Sophia, as shown in this extract from his Journals, dated January 1, 1837.

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