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The entries in Saints, Sufis, and Yogis: a Biographical Dictionary of Realised Souls
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Elixir said...

Our recent vibrational investigation of Desmond Tutu revealed he is a realized soul, and his contribution being the expansion on the subject of "Ubuntu", the spirit of a human being and it's qualities. Unless you have a policy of posthumous inclusion only, I would like to recommend him for the next edition.

John Noyce said...

many thanks for the comments. I'll include an entry.

sonerce said...

Thank you very much for the list. A beautiful work. Iwant to ask something.I remember Shri Mataji talking about M. Gandhi, and telling that he was not a realized soul but a great soul for all human beings. So I couldn't understand why he is on this list. And also I can't even open addresse. I don't know why.

John Noyce said...

Try the lulu store address again. It certainly opens for me!

drvamsikurra said...

i appreciate your work,,i have a sincere request.please check with
sri Potuluri Veera Brahmendra Swami (Telugu: పోతులూరి వీరబ్రహ్మేంద్రస్వామి) a Hindu mystic, born in 1610 in Kadapa District of Andra Pradesh state in India. He is the author of Kalagnanam, a collection of predictions about future or prophecies, a Telugu text that predicts the arrival of Kalki in the form of Sri Veerabhoga Vasantaraya. Potuluri Veera Brahmendra Swami is regarded as Nostradamus of India.

Dew Drop said...

I had listened to an old talk of The Mother (dont remember the exact reference) that "Vallabacharya" was a realized soul.