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The role of Mahamaya in resolving global problems

Sahastrara is the most powerful chakra because it is the seven chakras combination and many others. With the Sahastrara you can do anything. You can manage the sun, you can manage the moon, you can manage the earth, you can manage the temperatures, everything. But, through Mahamaya things work out very normally, very normally and they should work out normally. For example somebody can say, “Mother, there is atmosphere full of all these horrible ecological problems, why don’t you clear them?” If it is cleared people will go on producing. It is the problem of the human beings and if it is corrected by me they’ll take it for granted. They have to face those problems, they have to change their habits, they have to understand that they are the one who are destruct, destroying themselves. Otherwise, if somebody’s there just to cleanse it out they will never change. Also, miraculously, one can do lots of things. One can say, “Mother, as you solve the problems of Sahaja Yogis, why don’t you solve the problem of others?” No. To solve their problem is not the end of my work, nor is the purpose. But to make them equipped so that they can solve their own problem, that’s what I have to do.

As I’ve said that you have to be your own doctor, you have to be your own guru. Without Mahamaya you cannot do it because She knows how far to go in correcting, how far to go in controlling because human beings, at large, have their own freedom. Sahaja Yogis have not that kind of a stupid freedom, but they have the freedom of the spirit. So to solve their problems is perfectly all right because they must have more freedom and more freedom. But what’s the use of giving freedom to other people who are going on and on and on without realizing what wrong they are doing to the whole world? So, for them it is necessary to come to Sahaja Yoga and that’s why it’s a Mahamaya Swarupa.

H.H.Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, extract from Sahastrara Puja 1994

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