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Sugar and Salt

So we have to be prepared to give up all the shackles of nonsense from our heads, all kinds of things there are, so much of conditionings, come down even to the colour scheme, then it's all conditioning. This is too much, not good, all funny, funny ideas and anything funny and nonsensical that comes up, such funny brains, fix it up. The other day I was telling a lady about her food that a new idea has come that you should not eat any salt and sugar, I mean just imagine! Salt is so important for our breathing. If you ask a doctor, I don't know what is happening to the doctors and sugar is so important for our combustion. But anybody says anything you people just jump at it and you people just try to be impress(ed) by all these ideas and start torturing yourself.
H.H.Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, extract from Welcome talk to western Sahaja yogis on India tour, Alibag, 13/12/87

Now attention has to be inward all the time. I have seen that our attention is outward. Because of that, what we see outside is not good for vibrations. But if your attention is inside, you will not buy anything that is not good for vibrations, or you will not own something, so you just throw away. But the attention is outside, and because of that you just don’t know how to judge anything. Nabhi Chakra has to be attended to; for that you don't have to think, you have to work it out. See which side of Nabhi is catching. If the right side is catching, for you sugar is the best. Sugar represents many things. Sugar means your also tongue should be sweet. You should talk sweetly. People think that if you talk sweetly to someone, then people will start thinking that you are good for nothing or you are absolutely a meek person. You have to be meek. We have to be meek and humble. We must learn how to talk sweetly to each other. And if you do not understand how to speak, then take more sugar, vibrated sugar. That will make your tongue sweeter and sweeter, and your ideas will be sweeter about another person than harsh and criticizing.
So for the right-sided people sugar is suggested.
For the left-sided people: salt. Left-sided people should take salt more, and with salt they can solve many problems, because salt gives them a personality, a composure by which they can express themselves in a way which is dignified, also not very lethargic. So the speed of your talks or behavior or everything should be in the center. It should not be lethargic, nor should be too quick, and fast and hectic.
(Puja talk, Vaitarna, India, 16/3/83)

Everybody everywhere will say, don’t take sugar. I mean, this is absurd. Sugar is very much needed for liver and in this country [England] especially where it is ego-oriented, your liver gets spoiled and if you don’t eat sugar, what are you going to do then? Your attention is going to be all mad. No wonder people land up in the lunatic asylum. They start thinking they are suffering from paranoid troubles. I mean, sugar is very important for liver.
(Talk, Caxton Hall, 19/6/78)

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