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I find many people are not at all aware of their powers and not using them. When you don’t use your powers also Kundalini falls down. Why should She work? She’s not stupid; if you don’t want to use Her for what She has to achieve then why should She worry about you? So She just drops down, She has nothing to do with you. Then suddenly you come out, “Mother I got this trouble, I’ve got that trouble, this happened”. Especially troubles like arthritis and all such troubles come from people who don’t use their vibrations. Give it to the flowers, give it to the trees, give it to anything that is living but don’t shirk it. You need not touch the person but the desire should be ‘whom should I give vibrations?’ Only worry should be ‘whom should I put attention to? Where should I put this energy of mine?’ Once you start using this Divine Power it starts flowing much more, much more and your Mother, the Kundalini, is very happy.

H.H.Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, extract from Shri Adi Shakti Puja 1995

They might develop arthritis if they don’t give vibrations, or pain in the joints.
(Sickness and its cure, New Delhi, 9/2/83)

Arthritis is due to too much of vibrations. So if he just touch the thing, the place of arthritis and put your hand outside you can take it out. It’s just taking out of the vibrations. But give yourself a bandhan.
(Informal talk, Vienna, 3/9/83)

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