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On the dangers of Atomic/Nuclear power

Advice given by H.H.Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi:

Let's see the atomic bomb, hydrogen bomb. What do we do then? They will separate something which should not be separated. We break atom which is not divisible into its divisible parts. So we put a pressure to break them. And when that breaking force, that aggression I would say, is worked out that becomes another destructive force.
(1982-0511 Caxton Hall, London)

Atomic energy and all these things are very, very dangerous.
(1979-0528 2 Dollis Hill Seminar, London)

Now, Chernobyl has been a great, great problem. ... And it was a lesson to us that we should not indulge too much with atomic energy.
(1989-1022 Public Program, Kiev, Ukraine)

Out of science people have created atom bombs and all kinds of things without any discrimination. You too have here this disaster - Chernobyl. All this is because of unlimited movement of science.
(1994-0918 Public Program, Kiev, Ukraine)

in reply to a question on negative forces: What is the mistake in separating a hydrogen atom? Just they did it you see. For fun sake maybe, I don't know why they did it? But now that has become like a devil sitting on everybody's head and everybody - thank God - whatever they create, frightens them. Thank God. They are not going to use it. But who has created that? Human beings. In ignorance they have done it, as a Mother I have to say that. I cannot say that it was deliberate. It is dangerous situation then. ...[Now] you can't blame God for that. At least God didn't tell you to make atom bomb.
(1982-0511 Caxton Hall, London)

Now see the nature as it is. You know there are ninety-two elements, none of them can be, say for example, you cannot make silver into gold. Gold into silver. The atoms are so arranged that they have certain valencies and apart from atom, even molecules are so arranged that they have their own structure. You cannot change. If you try to change then you will create bombs, atomic bomb, this bomb. It's absolutely destructive.
(1996-1110 Diwali Puja, Lisbon)

People created atomic bombs, all right. They created. God did not create atomic bombs, human beings created them. They created a big monster called atomic bomb, they put it there. Now they are afraid of the same bomb.
(1978-0619 Caxton Hall, London)


clpatel said...

It is anti-God and anti-nature work of human being. Now they should stop it and learn to live peacefully.Sahaja Yoga is the only way to change the scientists and stop then to continue anti-God activities.

Jokuvaan said...

Of having nuclear power plants I don't know if Mother have ever said anything good, but it seems there's some purpose for these things also to exist. Following is from Shri Mataji's speech in Shri Saraswati puja 1983 (in my record after 1 and half minute).

"..Even if you say atom bomb and all these things that created from science, they are also very protective. If they would not have created those, people would not have taken out their minds from war. Now nobody can think of having a big war..."

John Noyce said...

This is from the beginning of the Shri Saraswati Puja:

With love all kinds of creative action takes place. You see how Raulbai has love for me and in this place you all also got new idea of creating a beautiful thing. And as love will increase, your creativity will develop.

So the basis of all creativity, of Saraswati, is love. If there is no love there's no creativity. It's even in the deeper sense, you see. People who have created all the scientific things are also out of love for the masses, not for themselves. Nobody has produced anything for themselves. If they make something for themselves it has to become for universal use, otherwise it has no meaning. Even if you say atom bomb and all these things that are created from science, they are also very protective. If they had not created those, people would not have taken out their minds from war. Now, nobody can think of having a big war. Of course, they are having cold wars, but that also will gradually stop, when they will be fed up.

So, all the activity on the right hand side, of Saraswati, basically has to end up in love. Starts with love and ends up in love. Whichever does not end up in love coils up and finishes off. It just disappears. So you can see that even matter, which is not used for love, just finishes off. The basis has to be love. Otherwise all such matter that we create which has angularity, which is not fitting into the mass media which is not appealing to the masses. Of course, it takes time, you have seen that it takes time - but it does have that tendency always to disappear in the thin air as soon as you find it does not appeal to the masses.