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In the epilogue to the Jnaneshwari, known as the Pasayadan, the Maratha saint Jnaneshwara (1275-1296) desires mass-realisation for the entire world and the rebirth of the saints who will give their blessings (realisation) to the whole world.

May the all pervading Lord now be pleased
with this literary sacrifice of mine.
And being pleased may He grant me the following boon:

May the wicked give up their wickedness and develop a liking for good deeds
May all beings feel friendly with one another.
May the darkness of evil vanish
May the whole universe see the light, the sun of One Universal Religion.
May the desire of all human beings be fulfilled.

May the world be visited ceaselessly by the company of the faithful saints
Who would shower blessings on the earth.

Such men are the moving forests of Kalpataru trees
They are mines of wish-granting living jewels
They are vocal oceans of nectar.

They are moons without spots [without problems on the Ida Nadi]
suns without heat. [without problems on the Pingala Nadi]
Let such saints be friends to all.

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