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Advice given by H.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Dev:

"Does everybody follow my Hindi? If I say in English will you all follow? I am not in opposition for English language, but the language of Atma is Sanskrit. They have never bothered about the Spirit. So we have to use some language which speaks about Atma. English language is not adequate enough. They do not have those experiences since so far they have not gone deep enough. We are very old ancient people. Our culture has been to know God. Everything has come in Sanskrit, because Sanskrit is really a Devavani. Apart from that, when the Kundalini moves, she makes vibrations. She makes special sounds, which are Devnagri sounds on different chakras. If I have time, I will inform you all about it.
Even when you recite mantras through the Sanskrit language or Devnagri pronunciations only, you can excite them better. Try to learn, if not Sanskrit at least Hindi, because, it being a phonetic language, it has a sound and that sound gives that vibratory effect. You try to learn this language. Hindi is not my mother tongue. My mother tongue is Marathi. I speak Hindi because after all I know the importance of Hindi. I also know a little bit of English. So it is better to know at least Hindi. What I want to say is that for speaking in Marathi is all right for me. Bengali I know a little bit. You can convey it in Tamil or Telugu or in any other language of this Yoga Bhoomi. This is a great country of Yoga. Every particle of this Bhoomi, you will be surprised, is vibrated."
(Talk on Sat-Chit-Anand, in English, New Delhi. 15/2/77. Nirmala Yoga no.2)

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