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Advice given by H.H.Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi:

"You must have felt the vibrations of this place. They are tremendous and that we should come here after so many years is really very much surprising. Ah! This place has a great connection with Me as such because My forefathers ruled in this place and this was the capital of Shalivanas called as Pratishthan and they make it easier as Paithan. They were the rulers for thousands of years. And they were the ones started this Shalivahan dynasty, actually they called themselves as Sath Vahan means seven vahanas. They represented the seven vahanas of the seven Chakras. It's surprising how it's so Sahaj. After that there was a great poet, as you know about him Gyaneshwara came here, he was born very close to this place, who was here for quite sometime and there was one fellow who was a very supraconscious person who challenged him. His name was Chandildev, so he said that what do you have with you to show that you have got God with you. And there was a male buffalo with him, male buffalo which was just walking on the road and Ganeshwara made that buffalo say Veda Mantras. And this Chandildev try to show some tricks, Jnaneshwara with his brothers and sister were sitting on a broken wall and he made the wall move with all of them in the air. And then Chandildev realised that this is some sort of an incarnation on this Earth.

Apart from that there's another great poet called Ekanath who has written lots of folk songs, like Namadeva, describing Sahaja Yoga. So this place had some sort of attractive focus of vibrations for all these great saints to come and settle down. They've excavated lots of old things about this place and the sari that is given to the Goddess here is made in this place called as Paitani. This started in the time of Shalivana and that art is still there. That's the only sari in which they use the real gold as the thread, real gold. It's for the Goddess. So this place is still very vibrating, is out of the way for the people to come down, thank God, so still maintain its own vibration, its goodness and its purity. And you are all very lucky people in this group to have come to this place and to have visited this. As you will go round you will see there is a beautiful garden next to it. The river Gothawari is called Ganga, the Ganges of the South. It starts from Nasik where you were before and then brought here and a big dam is made for the supply of water all over which you can see on your way. There is a beautiful garden near by and Ekanatha's temple is just behind here. So you can all go and have a look at it also."
(Paithan, 11/1/87)

photo: Shri Ekanath Mandir, Paithan

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Its is wonderful to get such information, yes too many vibrations, thanks