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The Spirit

Advice given by H.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi:

"English language itself is such a funny one, that we use the word spirit for drinking, the spirit that you call alcohol; spirit for the dead souls, which hang around, many more here, and spirit for the Atma, the Spirit."
(Talk on William Blake's Birthday, London, 28/11/85)

"You will know on your fingertips. Alright? In English language there are certain things very good “on your fingertips.” But also English language is little limited for spirituality because spirit is Atma, is the Spirit I am talking about. “Spirit” is a dead spirit, dead body. It is also alcohol, you see. Out of these three, I am talking about which spirit people ask me. So, but fingertips you know."
(Public Program, Philadelphia, USA, 15/10/93)

"English language is very difficult to explain Sahaja Yoga, because in the English language you’ll be amazed that they call 'spirit'. 'Spirit' is the Atma, right, ‘spirit’ is the dead body moving about according to them and thirdly it means also alcohol. Now which one is closer to which one, I don’t know, but this is why I am saying that English language is a difficult thing."
(Address to IAS Officers, Mumbai, India, 11/3/2000)

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