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Psoriasis is nothing else but the left side problem, is the lethargic liver and gives you allergies. For Psoriasis, left hand towards the photograph and right hand on the mother earth. Putting hot water bottle on the stomach or even giving bandhan to your liver with the light is all right.
You must see because Psoriasis, now people might think Psoriasis is active liver or inactive liver. You see it comes to that point. We have only two types, active or inactive. Now whether psoriasis is inactive or active we will know from one point that when the liver is inactive, you get the allergies and when it is active, you get other problems like nausea and also get biliousness. You don’t eat much, you thin down all these problems are there.

H.H.Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, reply to question, Rahuri, India, 13/1/86


Awais said...

There may be different causes of Psoriasis like genome affects T-cell, auto-immunity, stress, whether, drugs and skin injuries.
It is easy to treat if diagnoses and treat at earlier stage.

Vallun faija said...

That is very interesting. I have been using candle on my liver since many years, and it has been a great help for me to feel more centered. I also have psoriasis. I have been wondering if using fire on the liver is a sahaj technique, but now I have the exact quote of Mother and know that my supposedly lethargic liver is probably connected to the psoriasis and some allergies I have.