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Jnaneshwari online

In this book (also known as the Bhavarthadpika), Jnaneshwara (aka Dynaneshwara, Jnanadev)(1275-1297CE), a realized Maratha saint of the lineage of Nath Panthis, rendered the Bhagavad Gita into Marathi with his own commentary. In the sixth chapter, he revealed the nature of the Kundalini.
Gyaneshwari is the Hindi rendering (as used by Shri Mataji) of the Marathi word found transcribed in English as Jnaneshwari and Dynaneshwari.

original Marathi

English translation by M.R.Yardi (1995)
English translation by Manu Subedar (1932) (pdf)
Deutsch Übersetzung

Other works by Jnaneshwara:
Amritanubhava (Marathi)
Changadeva Pasashti (Marathi)
Haripath (Marathi)
Haripath (English)

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