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It's just fun

If you have to really bring them round through discussion and argument, you must first of all be well equipped with the knowledge of Sahaja Yoga. You should be of such a mood and such a state and such a personality, that they should see there's something special about this person. And then they will accept you much better. Do not get frustrated. It's just fun, that's all. If we don't get this one, we will get another one – it doesn't matter....
So, all events are important in Sahaja Yoga, because that gives a variety and an interesting theme. Everything has to be taken as fun. I wish you people could understand this and relax completely on this point. Never get frustrated. If somebody is not alright or does not get vibrations, you should smile a little and say, alright, next time.

H.H.Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, extract from 'How to deal with newcomers', Helsinki, Finland, 17/8/89

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