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The Coconut

If you see a coconut it is something like our Sahastrara and it's very auspicious because it can absorb lot of vibrations, as if it has got its realization. As you people can absorb my vibrations, this fruit can absorb also my vibrations, in the greatest amount.
H.H.Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, Talk to Sahaja yogis, Alibag, India, 13/12/87

This fruit of coconut is called as shreephal, because it is the Sahastrara, and it's very surprising that this fruit knows and understands. It won't fall on any animal or on any person. If you are sleeping here, it will never fall on you. Nobody is hurt ever by this fruit. It is so sensible, more than human beings.
(Shri Lakshmi Puja, Alibag, 29/12/91)

In the heart resides the spirit, which is not yet flowing in our consciousness, in our central nervous system. It resides there. The joy itself. I don’t know if you have ever seen phosphorus taken out of the water and how it just gets ignited. It’s like that inside the maya, the illusion – that spark is sitting there and when this Kundalini rises and touches that spark, it starts emitting its joy, its auspiciousness. Unless and until you have that within you, you cannot feel the auspiciousness of others. Take a coconut, for example: put it the other way round, you won’t get vibrations. If you put it this way the coconut coming up you will get more vibrations. There are certain coconuts who give you very good vibrations, some give horrible ones. And you know human beings also have coconuts. Some of the coconuts give such beautiful vibrations and some of them do not. Some of them are tired. Some of them are nothing but like a balloon of Mr. Ego, or some of them have nothing but superego in them. So this coconut is to be made auspicious.
(Talk on Auspiciousness, Caxton Hall, London, 21/7/80)

Shri Mataji recommends coconut oil for the hair:
Coconut [oil], is the best for hair. It will make your hair thick.
(Vienna ashram, 9/6/88)

Better use some nice coconut oil, rub in your head nicely, and in the night and in the morning. ... So before you start getting bald, better try putting some oil in your head. That is some very important thing that Sahaja Yogis have to do. You can take vibrated oil if you like and I think olive oil is good, but better than olive oil, I find, it is coconut oil is better for the growth of the hair. But sometimes you can also put almond oil, is also good, almond oil for you because if you have any problem that you feel exhausted or your nerves need attention, you are nervous type of person, then almond oil is good for you.
(Advice to yogis, Italy, 4/5/95)

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