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Now Austria is a very important place, it is the bridge between the left and the right. We can say that now all Western Europe is becoming leftish because of the influence of alcohol and frustration from aggression and they’ve done their level best, now they have felt, because they are fed up with themselves, sort of, they have given up now.

And on this side is the German side, is the aggression side, those who are still trying to progress and temper and conquer and fight. Europe is divided unfortunately into two types of people now. The left-sided people are committing suicide and the right-sided people are still busy with aggressiveness and aggressive ideas. So between these two different things is Austria, it is a very important thing.

So this is a very strategic place where the left and right are bridged and the swing always moves from left to the right and right to the left. So there is a possibility that some of the Germans may try to take to the left-sided state. But when the right-sided person goes to the left-sided state, first thing happens to such a person is that he tries to jump on to the depraved side of the left side to begin with. ...

That is why you find that most of the communistic countries are extremely licentious, very licentious. They have no sense of morality left because they denied God, they say there is no God, that’s how they can do what they like. You see, they have gone to the other extreme and now they are starting again parapsychology. I mean you can say from Mooladhara, they are spoiling Mooladhara and the Swadisthana. So this is the situation that has started now. Under these circumstances you play a very important role as Austria and Austrians have been very important before also.

As you know that it was a very great country and Austria was regarded as one of the motherly countries. You’ve been a very balanced country. You had Maria Theresa, as a very great, great queen, I think, and all this happened there, there was a Raja-Lakshmi there. But to get the Mahalakshmi Spirit, to bring it to the Mahalakshmi, seeking should start.

One has to see these two channels within us because you are on the bridge. On one side it’s to be very left sided and on the other side having Mooladhara problems, you might be having left-Swadisthana problem as well. So this is a very funny situation and very precarious. The existence of a bridge is always when you have both the banks, firmly attached, otherwise the bridge doesn’t exist. ...

So you play a very, very rightly role because you have to keep this balance and this bridge clean.

H.H.Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, extract from Talk to Austrian Sahaja Yogis, Bordi, India, 2/2/84

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