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Shri Hanumana and the Angels

It is such a joy today, and the whole atmosphere seems to be bubbling with it, as if the angels are singing. And the speciality of Hanumana was that He was an angel. Angels are born like angels. They are angels, and they are not human beings. They're born with the angelic qualities. But now, you all have become angels from the human beings. It's a very great achievement of Sahaja Yoga. The qualities that are born with the angels are seen from their very childhood.

So in the left side we have ganas, on the right side we have angels. And translated in Sanskrit language or in any Indian language as devdhoot - means they are the ambassadors of gods. So now you are the same, you are all angels now. Only thing you are not aware that you are angels while they were aware from their childhood. If you know that you are angels, all your qualities will start shining through, and you'll be amazed that the quality of standing by the truth at any cost is so easily managed for you, because you have been given the right, you have been given the special blessings, the special protection from the Divine that if you stand for the right, and if you stand for the righteous, and if you stand for the truth, all kinds of help to protect you will be given. Angels are aware of this, they're sure of it, they are certain, there's a certainty about it. ...

The angels are a special category, they don’t take up any problems upon themselves, they just solve them. If there’s a problem, it’s the angels who solve, for the saints as well as for the incarnations. And they are to be told sometimes that “Don’t jump in just now we are working out on the stage now, you will jump when we’ll ask you.” They're ready standing at the door just to jump in. So anxious. And they are fixed quantities. You can rely on them completely. For example, Shri Hanumana, as you know him as an angel, has great capacities, great powers, and it is his right to use them, and he is very aware of it. He does everything very amusingly, uses his powers very amusingly. ... So it’s a playfulness of the angels also because they're so confident, they're absolutely aware, absolutely identified with their personality, with their powers, with themselves. Here the Sahaja Yogis sometimes don’t understand that I have made you into angels. I’ve not made you into saints, but angels, and you are always protected.

H.H.Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, extract from Shri Hanumana Puja, England, 1989

Q. Could you tell us about angels, Shri Mataji?

Shri Mataji: They are very beautiful, just like flowers, very fragrant. And they will help you, you’ll be amazed how they’ll help you. You won’t see them, you don’t see them. But they are there, in the form of some human being, in so many ways. So, you cannot describe them because you can’t see them. But you’ll see their help, and you’ll be amazed how they guide you to the right path. Now, supposing you lose your way somewhere, don’t get frustrated, don’t get upset about it. If you have lost your way it must be some purpose. On that way when you go you’ll find somebody whom you have been looking for ages, or maybe some sort of a thing you’ll find, some treasure you’ll find. So, if you have lost your way, there’s nothing to worry. They work very smoothly and sweetly.
(Holland Park School Public Program, London, 27/9/2000)

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