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Sahaja doesn’t mean only that you get spontaneous Realization, it also means you get spontaneity, the whole nature gets spontaneity. All those subtle things that I have told you, they all get spontaneous and they work it out. Of course there are angels and there are ganas who are helping you. But you need not worry about them just now. Main thing is you must realize what you are, what you have got and how much you have faced it, you have got it and how it has worked out. I have seen every time I just have a little problem of something, immediately it works. It works in such quarters and such people that I never expected, just comes in. Everything works out. But whatever works out is for your good, is for your growth, for your understanding that you are a Sahaja Yogi; you have entered into the Kingdom of God, but this you have to develop. Also introspection can tell you that are you working out all those things, or not? If you take to introspection, you’ll be surprised to see, yes, you have these powers, and you can do wonders.

So I bless you all. Please develop those subtle things within you. They are already there; you don’t have to do anything, only understand and locate. Thank you very much.

H.H.Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, conclusion to 'Subtle Forms of Five Elements in us', Talk before music program, Delhi, 16/12/98

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