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Advice given by H.H.Shri Mataji Nirmala Nirmala Devi:

1988-0814 Shri Fatima Puja from Sahaja Library on Vimeo.

Now, the principle of Gruha Lakshmi has been evolved and developed by the Divine: it is not a human being’s creation, and as you know, it resides in the left nabhi. The Gruha Lakshmi is the one that is represented in the life of Fatima who was the daughter of Mohammed Sahib. Now She is always born in a relationship to a guru which is of virginity, of purity. So She comes as a sister, or She comes as a daughter. ...
So we have Ali and his wife, Fatima, who incarnated on the principle of the left nabhi. She stayed in her house, in her household, and she observed what you call a kind of a purdah or nakaab as they call it, to cover her face – is a symbol that a woman who is a housewife has to save her chastity by covering her face, because she was a beautiful woman and they were born in a country which was very, very violent, and she would have been definitely attacked in case she had not lived in that kind of fashion. As you know, in the time of Christ, though Mary was Mahalakshmi’s incarnation, had to be a very, very potential personality and Christ did not want anybody to know what she was. But though she was in the house, she was Shakti so she allowed her sons, or actually ordered them, to fight those fanatics who were trying to deny the authority of her husband, and you know they - Hassan and Hussein - they were killed there. It’s a very beautiful thing how the Mahalakshmi tattwa of Sita took a form of Vishnumaya just to establish the beautiful principle of a housewife. Now She was very powerful, no doubt, and she knew that her children would be killed but these people are never killed, they never die, nor do they suffer – it’s a drama they have to play to show people how stupid they are.
(Shri Fatima Puja, Switzerland, 1988)

Fatima lost her two children and she was the embodiment of Gruha Lakshmi. She resides in our left Nabhi. So for all the diseases that are connected with the spleen, all the problems that are connected with your left Nabhi, can be only corrected by Fatima. So you have to keep Fatima awakened within yourself. That we are here in the Islamic culture, we can say this is place of Islamic culture and in the Islamic culture a housewife was given a very, very important place. ... So from Fatima’s life you have to know that She did not go out of Her house and She remained the housewife and She made Her two children grow up in such a manner that they had to fight the war against fanaticism. Her husband also was there. This is how a woman of a housewife is shown to be so powerful and though she’s in the house, though she is, looks to be just a mother, but how powerful she is!
Shri Mataji at the Ladies public program in Tunis, 1994 (1994-1113)