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When raising Kundalini

I had told you yesterday, that we have to know about the powers that we have, and the powers that we can get. First of all we should know what powers we have got, and also we should know how we are going to preserve those powers and what more powers we can very easily achieve.

The first power that you get after Realization is the greatest power on Earth. This is the power of Shri Ganesha. It is only He can do this job that you people are doing today, and that power is of raising the Kundalini. No one so far in the history of spirituality has ever raised the Kundalini in such a short time as you people are doing. It moves under your fingers; it is absolutely Shri Ganesha’s power which is given to you.

At the time when you are giving the Realization, even if you are caught up in any one of your chakras, or you have any problem, even if you are little bit possessed, even if you are not such a good Sahaj Yogi, even if you are not that much surrendered to Mataji, even if you don’t have much sense of obligation about Sahaj Yoga, still the Kundalini rises under your fingers. This Ganesha key is given to you by Shri Ganesh, Himself, within you, to give you the confidence, to give you the confidence that you can raise the Kundalini, but not the feeling that you are raising the Kundalini. If you go on without surrendering yourself to Sahaj Yoga, after some time you will lose this power, very fast.

Another power which you have got at the raising of the Kundalini of anyone, you can notice it that when the Kundalini rises, that time there will be no obstruction of any kind. Whatever may be the obstructions around – say there’s a possessed person next door, he would not disturb you at that time. In your family there may be a person who is a negative person, but if you’re raising the Kundalini, at that moment he will be kept quiet, at the time when you are moving your hand on the Kundalini is the greatest power you are using. I don’t know how much shraddha you have about yourself and about the power that you have. At that time there will be no obstruction on your hand by anyone whatsoever – even by mistake, nobody will hold your hand or touch your hand.

The second power you have got when you are raising the Kundalini, that, at that time when you’ll be raising your Kundalini, you will be completely attracting the attention of another person with it, like a magnet, by which you should understand that you can raise your Kundalini wherever you feel like. When you are raising the Kundalini, supposing there’s lot of noise going on, there are all kinds of problems going on – supposing you are going in the train, there’s a noise of the train, or any such thing happening - that time your attention will not be distracted, but the attention of the person who is taking the Realization from you, will not be attracted by outside things at that time when you are raising the Kundalini. That means that you can give Realization at any time, because at that time you reside in the lotus which is closed.

The other power you have got, at the time of Kundalini Jagruti, that no baser feelings will rise within you. Even if you are a possessed person, at the time of Kundalini Jagruti you will not have baser feelings, impure feelings about the person whom you are giving Realization. Maybe before and after, but not during when you are giving Realization, these dirty feelings will not come to you – automatically, you don’t have to stop your mind, automatically it will work out. You’ll be absolutely satisfied, even if you are hungry you will not feel the hunger or any physical need, at the time when you are giving Realization. There will be no distraction of any kind; you won’t do anything that is undignified at the time when you’ll be raising your hand, because you are being blessed with dignity. At the time you are raising the Kundalini, you will never joke, or you’ll never make fun; you’ll not be frivolous. Automatically you try, it won’t work.

These are your supporting powers. All these five powers I’ve described are very few of the thousands others, but these are the five powers of Shri Ganesh. Now these powers can be maintained if you try to follow Shri Ganesh. His foremost quality is that He does not know any other god or anybody else higher than His own Mother. A complete dedication and complete obedience to Mother – He is made out of that obedience – complete love and affection for the Mother. He doesn’t argue; He doesn’t question; He doesn’t do anything, and that’s how these powers are in Him the maximum. If you think by arguing with me you are gaining, you are sadly mistaken. You have to keep me pleased, even Ganesha tries every minute to keep me pleased. Is a fact. So, please don’t try to displease me. I may not say anything, because outwardly I don’t say anything, but your powers will be reduced.

Ganesha’s fifth power is the power of wisdom and that whatever He knows He can draw it and write it down. Even that power you have got. When you are rising the Kundalini, you talk to the person in such a manner that the person becomes wise, and you also talk to him only that which is wisdom and also you write or show him figures, automatically which are right. Even if you don’t remember your figures, they’ll come out right.

H.H.Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, extract from 'Powers Bestowed upon Sahaja Yogis', Bordi, India (1980-0127)

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