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When I was a young student in school, at that time I could never have believed that we could ever reach the moon, none could have believed. If anyone would have said that, the people would have laughed at such a conjecture. Even today if you tell my grandmother, she does not believe it. She thinks it is just a story you are telling. But we have reached the moon, no doubt.

In this system, we have used a very wonderful system of putting five capsules one into another and the first capsule, the lowest one explodes and triggers the movement of the rest of four capsules. When the second one explodes, it gives an acceleration many more times than that with which it was already moving; the speed increases in such a tremendous way that suddenly we find that the acceleration is a very high multiple of the first one; then the third one when it explodes gives another push to the capsule. Next, the fourth one explodes; then the fifth one which contains the spacecraft. Through this kind of explosions from one to the other, through that built-in mechanism, we have been able to achieve a very high acceleration for the spacecraft.

In the same way our evolution has taken place. We got this idea without even knowing about our evolution from the Unconscious. We have come to know how it has happened, but we cannot correlate both these together. So, in the same way human being was created out of amoeba or amoeba was created out of all the elements. In the same manner we can say that we were made again of five capsules.

The first one is the physical or physical being. Inside the physical being was kept the emotional being. Inside the emotional being was kept the spiritual being and inside the spiritual being was kept the Spirit or our attention.

We can say, Kundalini is the one that triggers, that is the one that explodes. So Kundalini force is in everything, but in the most affective, the best, the highest form, it is in human beings. It is this force which exists in everyone and evolves everything, say from carbon to the amoeba stage and from amoeba to animal stage and from animal to human stage. Even in elements it exists because the elements also evolve. We do not know how they evolve but it happens in Nature, that elements start changing their forms and mass and they become different elements; we have no idea of this because we have no way of measuring the quantity of this change that is taking place.

H.H.Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, extract from Talk on the Creation of Man, India, February 1979

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