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Mantras and the Divine Connection

Advice given by H.H.Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi:

As I told you about eyes yesterday, it’s very important that eyes are the ones which give you the play of Shri Krishna, the power of Shri Krishna. Even a glance, a little glance of a person who has Krishna consciousness, as they call it, if he has Krishna consciousness, then should be able to awaken the Kundalini, should be able to redeem, should be able to comfort, should be able to cure anyone. Even a glance, a side glance can do it, if it has Krishna consciousness, but not self-certified ones who say, “We are Krishna consciousness,” all the time taking the name of Shri Krishna or any mantra.

So on the left hand side the escape is feeling guilty. When you feel guilty, they try to find out some method of expression. So they say they go to some guru and then the guru gives them some sort of a mantra, and they accept that mantra, they go on saying. As a result of that they catch more on the left Vishudhi. Because if you go on saying mantra without the connection, you get completely caught-up. So the left Vishuddhi is again gone and your mantras are absolutely useless, they’re destroying them. Actually many people I’ve seen who get to heart attacks, who get anginas and also who get cancer are the people who have been doing mantras like this, without the connection with the Divine. If you’re not connected, say for example this is not connected and I start using it too much, it will get spoilt. In the same way the centre on the left hand side gets spoilt when you start saying any mantra without being connected, without feeling the power of that mantra. So in Sahaja Yoga we’ve got mantras to neutralise these mantras on the left hand side.

(extract from Shri Krishna Puja, USA, 1986-0622)

This understanding about Vishnumaya’s powers should be there with us. That if we try to continue with our mistakes and putting them here, then first thing we become vulnerable to all kinds of diseases. With that if you are smoking, you can become also very much vulnerable to cancer of the throat. Another thing which people do not know is the mantras. If you go on saying any mantra — I mean in India there are people who will every day, morning get up and say some mantra for about, say, hundred times, some say it at least three hundred times, five hundred times. They go on measuring, mantra, mantra, mantra, mantra, like that. Now She’s the mantrika. She’s the one who gives the power to the mantra.

Now if you are not connected to this Divine Power, then there’s a short-circuiting takes place and if you go on saying this mantra, you develop all the troubles of the throat, throat cancer. You can develop also stomach, in the stomach, problems because it is Krishna and Vishnu are the same. You might develop also the problem of Virata. Because you are reciting a mantra like this, you see — a telephone, if it is not connected, I go on using it, the telephone will go out of order.

In the same way, if you are doing wrong mantras in the sense that the mantras which are said before you have connection with the Divine, then they can spoil your left Vishudhi.

(extract from Shri Vishnumaya Puja, New York, 1992-0919)

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