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Rules and regulations

Advice given by H.H.Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi:

I don’t believe in any rules and regulations for Sahaja Yogis as such. (1988-1217)

Sahaja Yoga is just a play, just an enjoyment. It is not this kind of hard and fast laws and regulations as you see. Because you are now innately religious, you’ve got your Spirit to see. (1992-0704)

No rules, regulations are needed for enjoyment. (1996-0915)

It is not the rules and regulations that are going to keep you happy and joined together, but it is the pure collective consciousness and its love. Because as you know we have no proper organisations, we have no clergyship, we have nothing like that. (1997-0504)

It’s your wisdom which will teach you. Wisdom will teach you how to regulate yourself, because you have come here to ascend, to achieve a very special place in the realm of spirituality. (1998-0905)

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clpatel said...

Thank you Dear J Noyce!It is nice of you to publish most valuable articles and quotes of Shri Mataji. it expands our joy manifold.

Enjoyments has no bounds no end it's limitless.

Here we want to recall the enjoyment i felt in the past which i wrote in Hindi poetry overwhelmed by the enjoyment of self-realization.
विश्व के एक अनजान एक बालक को तूने अपनाया।
विश्व के कण-कण को तू जानता सारा जग है तुझमें समाया॥१॥

मुझे कोई जाने या न जाने, तूने जाना बस यही पर्याप्त है।
शेष सबमें तू व्याप्त है॥२॥
हम अपने शेल (shell) से निकलें, उडे़ अनंत आकाश में।
अंधेरे से निकल कर, आयें जीवन के प्रकाश में॥३॥
नहीं कोई सीमा हमारे उडा़न का।
कहीं नहीं है अंत तेरे वितान का।
स्वच्छंद उन्मुक्त विचरण दिशाहीन श्रमहीन भ्रम हीन॥४॥
Let us come out of our shells ( ego and superego) and fly in the infinite space. Let us come out of darkness and come into the light of Divine light. There is no limit of our flights and O Lord! there is no limit of your canopy within which we became free to fly in any direction without getting tired and without any illusion. Such is the enjoyment without any bondage of rules and regulations.
You known me it is sufficient. Others know me or not it is meaningless for me as you are present in all of them and everywhere.