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You should know reality

So what is important is that you should know reality. You should know exactly what is right and what is wrong. For that, as I told you, there is this great power of Kundalini within you. She’s the one, she passes through all these centres, enlightens them first of all - so your awareness gets enlightened - and when she pierces through Sahastrara, she joins you to this all-pervading power, which is knowledge, which is love, which is truth.

So after that, you immediately know - some people don’t know immediately, but some people do - that what we have been thinking so far, of separating ourselves from others by thinking that they are not alright, they are wrong, they are whatever it is - this disappears. This disappears completely. And then you realize that your awareness itself, awareness itself is dominated by so many other circumstances. For example, where you were born, what your parents taught you, what experiences you have had. And then you realize that it was all wrong because it’s not reality.

Whatever feelings you have, whatever ideas you have about another person or about another nation, all of them are not correct. Because now your Sahastrara is awakened, it is connected now to the all-pervading power. So this starts flowing into you. This, I should say, enlightened awareness, it starts flowing down into your being, in your brain and then on your nerves you can feel that awareness.

H.H.Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, extract from Sahastrara Puja 1999

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