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Absolute truth in Nirvikalpa

So, the relationship with God if it has to establish, we have to become first of all the spirit; then only this relation can be established. One may certify oneself, “I am this, I am that” but it’s no good, it is of no use; because this human body is given to you. Imagine what this divine Power must have done to make you a human being – how gently, carefully, beautifully you are made a human being. And now, why this human body you have got it? What are we using it for? We must evaluate our human life, what is it for? Is it for just insurance or I don’t know what else they do; but is it for something, that we become the light of the world?

So this light of the spirit spreads in the attention, and the attention becomes dynamic, active, works out, it’s very alert and extremely punctual. Then this attention doesn’t get bored at all. People don’t know what is boredom is, because this boredom comes when your attention becomes tired. But here the attention is full of light, so they don’t know what is boredom is.

The second thing that is the nature of spirit is that it tells you the truth, the absolute truth, nothing but the truth. Anything that these chaitanya lahiris tell you, when you are matured enough, not before that; when your connection is complete – otherwise halfway you are connected and halfway you’re not, then no – but when you are mature: that is the state of nirvikalpa. When you become that, then your attention is absolutely correct, your vibrations are correct and the report is absolutely correct, and what information you get is hundred percent truth; so the truth about anyone.

H.H.Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, extract from 2nd Public Program, Madras (Chennai), 7/12/91

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