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A subtler understanding

... we have to now jump into another realm of a subtler understanding of Sahaja Yoga.

First we are worried about our families, our children, our households; then, our marriages. One after another all these questions came up, and we were concerned about all these things; little, little things. Then we also got concerned about the ashrams which we were running: the problems of the ashram, what we have been doing, how we have been facing the problems, how people are creating problems. That’s how our humanity started acquiring a subtler understanding. And then we also realized that we are blessed by God, that there’s something great that is always looking after us, some higher Force, some special Attention is there about us. This is what we realized.

Today I was explaining how it happens, that how we realize that God is helping us too. Any problem is an effect of some sort of a cause – every problem. Like Mona wrote a letter that she was driving in a motorway and the car went out of control, and the brake would not act. And there was a car coming from the right, car coming from the left, cars going through in front and behind. And she felt that they’ll be finished – two of them were traveling, two Sahaja yoginis. So the cause was the car or the brake or whatever it was, the mechanism, and the effect was all the problem. So now, how to overcome that problem? Supposing you try to neutralize the effect, you cannot, because cause is still there. You try to improve the cause, it doesn’t work out. Then what to do? So the easiest thing is to cross the cause, to ascend over, to go beyond the cause; so the cause does not exist for you, so the effect does not exist for you. As long as the cause exists in your attention, the effect will be there. So what did she do? She just prayed to me, just thought of me that “Mother, now it’s my last chance” – that’s all. So the cause disappeared, because you go beyond it. And the effect also disappeared, and she was surprised.
So you must ascend away from the cause.

H.H.Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, extract from Christmas Puja, England, 1984 (1984-1123)


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Devarshi said...

Oh! How interesting!

I was just about to send something about this same subject and talk.

Trying to follow the Gaudapada Karika on Mandukya Upanishad, I noticed that it may relate to this talk of Shri Mataji.

Later if I can I'll leave a note on this.