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An 18th century yogi who lived on the Hindukush mountain in northwest Sind (now Pakistan). Said to be the guru of the Sufi, Sachal Sarmast (1739-1829) who composed the following verse:

I recognised the yogi who of his own accord entered my abode.
He had dressed himself in the garb of an ascetic as an artful device.
He had long yogic tresses and his body was smeared with ash.
His flute’s melody entranced my soul.
God had brought about this union between me and the yogi.
For him I have now sprinked perfume and musk:
It was he who revealed to me the entire mystery.

Kalyan B.Advani, Sachal (New Delhi: Sahitya Akademi, 1971):24-26

from the biographical dictionary, Saints, Sufis and Yogis, available through

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