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A free bird

Now this main question today, which I'm going to tell you about that what is God's realization. First is the Self-realization and there are many ambitious people who want to become God-realized. First and foremost thing we should know that human beings cannot become God. It's not the becoming of it. You have not become also in a way spirit because the spirit is emitting through you, using you, giving you, looking after you. If you become the spirit there wont be any body left, nothing will be left. So with this body intact, your spirit is acting through this body, is giving you all the light. But one cannot become God Almighty; this one has to understand very clearly.

But what is God's realization - is to know about God. You see, to know about God means to know how His powers are working. How He controls by becoming part and parcel of God Almighty. Like my finger doesnt know about my brain, but it acts according to my brain. The finger cannot become the brain, but it has to act absolutely according to my brain because it is so connected, it is so one. Here when you have the God-realization then you know about the brain, you know about God, you know about His powers, you know everything about Him.

As far as I'm concerned its a difficult task for you, because I'm a Mahamaya. Its very difficult for you to know each and everything about me. I'm quite an elusive person as you know that well, and whatever I do or whatever I achieve, it is just for you to see and understand that after all this is Adi Shakti and She can do all these things. You can also do all the things but you cannot become me. But you have to know, to know through love, through devotion, through prayers to know the God's Powers is the way you are God-realized. Then you can control the nature, you can control everything, if you have that knowledge within you about God. For that a complete humility is needed that you cannot become God, cannot become God Almighty. You cannot become the deities but definitely you can become God-realized. Means God acts through you, uses you as His power, as His channel and that you know, that you know what He's doing to you, what He's telling, what His vision is and what is the information. The connection is like that.

Many people in Sahaja Yoga have been benefited, I know. But they don't know how they have been benefited. What has worked it out? How it has worked it out. What connection of theirs has helped them? Once you do that you know that clearly how things are working out, with what power you have achieved it, then its a God's realization. Such people become extremely powerful in the sense that they can control so many things. There have been many saints of that kind but sometimes they fell from even that and they developed their ego. They didnt have their own humility that they should have, that devotion, that dedication, that surrendering. They fell down and you see them, I've seen some of them that they become quite proud of their achievements and they don't want to give it to anyone. They think they have achieved it with great difficulties and why should they give it to others. Such people are not going to rise very higher. But you people who have got your realization and who are humble, who know that out of humility only you are going to achieve your surrendering.

Islam means surrender. Mohammed Sahib has talked about Islam, meaning, you surrender. If you cannot surrender you can never know God. He's clearly said that. Unless and until you know yourself you will not know about God. So as Sahajis you have to know all the little, little things, all the big things and all the great visions, that you can do it because of the grace of God, because His blessings, because of His love for you, that you have entered into the Kingdom of God. I may say you have entered, I may say you have achieved that state, I may say that. But still you are not there. ...

One of the qualities of Shiva is complete detachment and that is what you have to develop, is to become completely detached. Detachment doesnt mean that you neglect anything. I've explained to you many-a-times that like the sap in the tree rises, goes to different, various places and then evaporates or it goes back to Mother Earth. In the same way your detachment should be. If you get attached because its your son or if you get attached because he's Australian or maybe he belongs to certain family or certain class then you are still limited. All this limitations have to be dropped, if you have to cross over. And these limitations create such a big load that whatever I may try, whatever you may try you cannot stay in thoughtless awareness.

That's a very beautiful state in which all of you should be there. In that you are not dominating nor you are compromising. You stand on your own legs and you know for definite that you are not swayed away by any idea or any domination or any subjection of yours by anyone. So you become completely a free bird, absolutely a free bird, and then it becomes your job to achieve your flight. One flight is up to the thoughtless awareness. The second one is up to the doubtless awareness and the third one is to God's realization.

H.H.Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, extract from Shivaratri Puja 1996, Sydney, Australia

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