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Advice given by H.H.Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi:

“All the saints in the world have said that alcohol is very dangerous for life. The reason is that it goes against our awareness, this is a fact, you know that after taking a drink our awareness becomes blurred or excited, it is not normal, that’s the reason they said no.”
(2nd Sydney Talk 27/3/81)

“Alcohol, as you know, has different variations depending on the habits of the person. … alcohol is very dangerous because it finishes-off your liver; it finishes off your awareness; it makes you very clumsy; your attention is fuzzy. … Because alcohol makes a person in such a way. That he loses all his dharma.”
(Advice on the treatment of virus infections, Pune, 1/12/87)

"Alcohol itself is such a left-sided nonsense."
(Navaratri 1990)

“I think the greatest enemy of our Self Realisation is the drinking. Drinking, if people take to drinking, they become such slaves; their brains are not alright. So I think at Sahastrara (they) must be also spoilt with drinking. So drinking I think is the worst enemy.”
(Sahastrara Puja 2001)

"Drinking is the best way to waste all your money."
(6th night of Navaratri 2007)

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