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Advice given by H.H.Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi:

“They [ie. left sided people] also get the lethargic liver which gives them allergies. All kinds of allergies come to these people through their lethargic liver.”
(Sickness and its cure, New Delhi, 9/2/1983. Nirmala Yoga no.25)

“Now, why the child has an allergy? …Left Nabhi will catch, now that means the mother, because the child is not yet married, so is the mother. That means mother must be having a left Nabhi herself. And that is why the child must be catching with that allergy. So instead of punishing the child, why not cure the left nabhi of the mother and left nabhi of the child. … What can we do to help the child get rid of it? Very simple. Anything that is left can be taken out on the little flame. Put your right hand on the left Nabhi of the child and your left hand to the flame and, finished.”
(Rahuri Q&A 13/1/1986)

Question: Why does cow’s milk make allergies and eczema worse? “Cow’s milk. Left side. Cow’s milk always gives you the left side, because she is the Mother. And you should not have cow’s milk because it is the left side. Whether it is cow’s milk or buffalo’s milk, all will give you allergies, but if you have animals which are smaller than you, like if you can drink, like Mahatma Gandhi, goat’s milk, you might not have the problem.”
(Rahuri Q&A 13/1/1986)

“Most allergies are caused from cold to hot, ie. taking bath in cold water and then hot water. To take coffee and then immediately take cold water. This sudden change, the system cannot adjust to. In the left Nabhi area is the spleen. The spleen is a speedometer and also an adjuster. When it adjusts and it is not properly done due to sudden change, it causes problem. So it has to suddenly provide its energies to either increase or decrease the flow of the red blood corpuscles. That’s how the spleen goes crazy.”
(Shivaratri 1987)

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