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Advice given by H.H.Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi:

“Bald head is caused by not using oil. Or not using proper oil. Oil should be used properly and the skull must be rubbed not the skin. If you rub it, the skin must move on the skull and then you won’t have this problem. Another is that if you use funny type of oil with lots of fragrances and essences then you might get bald. Also ghee should never be used for rubbing in the head. …
You have two types of bald head as I told you, say some who start from here [front] and some who start from here [back]. And those who have both. Now I would say the ones who start from here [front] are the people , who are the ones who have got the Ekadesha problem. With the Ekadesha problem it starts, or who are not very collective, or something, it will start receding. Those who start from here [back] are the people who may not be good husbands. Maybe something wrong with their wives, maybe bad wives, the husband-wife relationship is upset, then also it starts. Or maybe there is an incompatability between the two, or too much attachment to the wife, or too much attachment to the husband. All these things are left Nabhi, and the left Nabhi relationship you know is the Gruha Lakshmi relationship. Where you adore your wife so much that she is no more a Gruha Lakshmi. These things start with that, also could be hectic life … In your case [European yogi], what to do, I would say it is the complete neglect, no oil at all, I mean if you do not give water to the plant it will die. So oil is the one on which the hair resides.”
(Rahuri Q&A 13/1/86)


Devarshi said...

About Ekadesha (my transcription) :

“ But those people who go wrong, all that you see in such people who have bent their forehead before wrong people, they develop a ridge (?) on their head. And there are eleven centres here. They just come out like a ridge (?). And these are the eleven centres called as Ekadesha Rudras which are responsible for the destruction, the ultimate destruction, the Kalki as called as, or what you call as Maitreya, or the coming Christ on the white horse. That ridge (?) once set in, it starts developing more and more, and destruction takes place.” (“Anahata, Vishuddhi, Agnya, Sahasrara”, Derby, U.K., July 11th 1982, after about 36 minutes on the French DVD)

“ The most important is this part of the head where I told you that when you bow yourself to wrong things, this [pointing and rubbing the forehead] is the biggest obstruction. Is the lower plate (?) of the brain which is called Murdha in Sanskrit language. It’s very important. It’s swollen out and a big barrier is built and you become a person completely cut off from the All Pervading Power. Means all the protection, all the guidance, all the nurturing things, everything starts disappearing from your life.” (“Anahata, Vishuddhi, Agnya, Sahasrara”, Derby, U.K., July 11th 1982, after about 1 hour and 14 minutes on the French DVD)

John Noyce said...

ridge is the correct transcription.

Devarshi said...

Is "plate" in the second quote OK? And does anyone know about what it refers to in anatomy, as well as the Sanskrit "Murdha (?)" ?

Besides, as we were wondering if the Ekadesha was extending all around the head, including the Back Agnya ("crown of Christ" story), I found there is a very acurate description of the whole complex on page 93 of "Nirmal Fragrance" (talk referenced Brahman court, 04.05.81).

Ekadeshas, as the destructive Power of several Deities who have their Pithas in other places of the head, are really in the outer part of the front Agnya. (cf. DVD of Derby July 11th 1982 for Shri Mataji pointing to this place).