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Bibliography - Sahaja Yoga and Medicine

Key talks by H.H.Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi:
‘Sickness and its cure’ New Delhi, 9/2/83. Nirmala Yoga 25:17-28
‘The Fourth Dimension and the parasympathetic’ [for doctors] Brighton, UK. 26/7/84. Nirmala Yoga 26:38-42
‘Rahuri Questions & Answers’ Rahuri, Maharashtra. 13/1/86
‘Talk with Sahajyogis in Bombay on 26th and 27th February 1987 during ... Shiva Puja’ English translation (pamphlet)
‘Advice on the treatment of virus diseases’ Pune, Maharashtra. 1/12/87
‘Talk to Doctors’ Conference’ Meridial Hotel, Delhi. 25/3/93
‘Sahaja Yoga: a talk’ [to doctors] New Delhi. 6/4/97. New Delhi Medicos 13(4-5):32-34

Some books and articles by Sahaja Yogis (non-disease specific):
Chug, D. (1987) Effects of Sahaja Yoga practice on patients of psychosomatic diseases. Doctor of Medicine thesis, Delhi University
Gupta, N.K. (1980) ‘Modern medicine and Sahaja Yoga’ Maha Avatar July-September 1980:20-22
Hackl, W. (1995) Die Auswirkungen von Sahaja Yoga auf das Drogenkonsumverhalten [The effect of Sahaja Yoga on drug consumer behaviour] Doctoral thesis, Vienna, Austria
Harrison, L.J., Manocha R., Rubia, K. (2004) 'Sahaja Yoga Meditation as a Family Treatment Programme for Children with Attention Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder' Clinical Child Psychology and Psychiatry 9(4):479-497
Kulkarni, R.D. (1983) ‘Sahaja Yoga and physical cure’ Nirmala Yoga 13:28-30 & 14:33-34
Manocha, R. (2000) ‘Why meditation?’ Australian Family Physician 29(12):1135-1138
Manocha, R. (2001) ‘Researching meditation: clinical applications in healthcare’ Diversity (Australian Complementary Health Association) 2(5):2-10
Manocha, R., Semmar, B., Black, D. (2007) 'A Pilot Study of a Mental Silence Form of Meditation for Women in Perimenopause', Journal of Clinical Psychology in Medical Settings 14(3):266-273
Morgan A (2001) 'Sahaja Yoga: An ancient path to modern mental health?' Transpersonal Psychology Review 4(4):41-49

Rai, U.C. (1993) Medical science enlightened: new insight into vibrationary awareness for holistic health care (New Delhi: Life Eternal Trust)
Rajasekharan, P.T., Venkatesan, R. (1992) ‘The therapeutic value of Sahaja Yoga.’ In their: Divine knowledge through vibrations (Bangalore: Panther Publishers): 127-139
Sethi, S. (1986) Physiological effects of Kundalini awakening by Sahaja Yoga. Doctor of Medicine thesis, Delhi University
Sharma, H.S. (1993) ‘Some ailments and suggested remedies.’ In his: Sahaja Yoga: the Divine path for physical, mental and spiritual evolution (2nd ed) (Delhi: Shanker Publishing House)
Spiro, D.M., et al. (1983) Letter to the British Medical Association. The Life Eternal 1984:5-12

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