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Advice given by H.H.Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi:

“If you take cannabis you are definitely dragged into Ida nadi and the ego recedes for the time being. … All drugs take you away from your awareness. … My experience about the druggist and chemist has been a painful one. Those who come were very slow. … They have been very weak and vulnerable to left-sided attacks. … I am sorry for the druggist. They have to use their will to accept the challenge and give up their slavery to drugs.” (Letter to Jeremy, 1982, printed in Nirmala Yoga no.12)

“Now, drugs hit you on the left-Nabhi – left-Nabhi, or on the right. The ones that hit you on the left-Nabhi can take you very deep, down. And you can be sometimes so aggressive, despite the fact that you have taken a left-sided one. It is surprising. Just, you see, suddenly you get stunned. … That person can become mad – anything can happen to a person who takes drugs.” (Advice on the treatment of virus infections, Pune, 1/12/87)

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Jay said...

In the “Advise to Sahaja Yogis” DVD dated May, 4th 1986 (Sahasrara Day week-end) Shri Mataji addresses also the problems of drug :

“I found out something with the left sided people : if they can put a candle near their left Swadhisthana, a little far away, and put one candle before the photograph, and put left hand towards the photograph and right hand on the Mother Earth, it works. And the candle at the back should be kept little far away because it makes sounds, it goes this way, that way, it burns. Those who have been taking drugs, not LSD but other drugs, who are drowsy people, who feel sleepy, whose brains are destroyed by drugs, all those people can benefit a lot by this. Do it every day.

Going into drug you never felt you were surrendered to drugs, never felt that way. Which was something that was going to kill you completely. You know so many people are killed, so many are dying but you wanted to do that, I don’t know, because your Ego said “Al right, go ahead, try this, you will be the one who… nothing will happen to you. That’s the Ego suggests. So you did it. All right, doesn’t matter. Whatever has happened has happened. Let us clear it out, because we are seekers.”