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Shri Lalita Chakra and Shri Chakra

Advice given by H.H.Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi:

"Shri power is the right side power and the left side power is the Lalita power. So, we have two Chakras - left side, here, is the Lalita and the right-side, here, is the Shri Chakra. These two Chakras are working out the right side, Mahasaraswati's power and left side, Mahakali's power."
(Talk on Sahastrara Chakra, Delhi, 4/2/83)

"A lot has been written about Shri Chakra, and about Lalita Chakra, but to understand fundamentally the left side when it reaches up to Vishuddhi, then it uses on the right side the Shri Chakra, on the left side the Lalita Chakra, to manifest itself. These two chakras are the ones who manifest all that you see. But these chakras are the ones who emit vibrations of different kinds and because of their angularities, like if you have some sort of a cardboard attached with small-small holes of different colours which rotates all the time, you get different colours, also you can get different permutations and combinations. In the same way different permutations and combinations are created, and that is how you get all the advantages of Sahaja Yoga. So these two chakras are very important."
(Shri Lalita and Shri Chakra Puja, Brahmapuri, 17/12/90)

"... So many things can be said about Vishuddhi chakra, but specially I am more concerned about two chakras on two sides. One of them, as you know, is the Lalita chakra on left side and Shri chakra on the right side. I've always told ladies that please keep this covered. It looks so simple. It's very important. Don't expose this because power of this should be preserved. Shri chakra and Lalita chakra, they're very important. They are, I should say, feminine powers and they are the feminine powers of Shri Krishna, which must be understood that whatever way you respect your body, that is the way your chakras are and that is the way you suffer."
(Shri Krishna Puja, Canajoharie, USA, 29/7/2001)

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