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H.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi has indicated that "God has created fourteen levels within us" (Sahastrara Puja, 1983), these being the seven chakras associated with our physical being, the three additional chakras (Lalita, Sri and Hamsa), and then the four chakras above the Sahastrara - Ardha-Bindu, Bindu, Valaya and Pradakshina.

Many of us have experienced that enlightened awareness that is beyond the Sahastrara, often in India, particularly in Ganapatipule. But how to describe this state? The legendary Nath yogi, Matsyendranath (probably 11th century CE), puts it like this:

"Dearest, (in the pinda exist) the chakras of five lines, 16 lines, sixty four petals, the truly beautiful 100 petal (lotus)[Agnya?] and the beautiful thousand petal lotus [Sahastrara] and above this is a very brilliant 10,000,000 petal lotus. Above the 10 million petal lotus is a 30,000,000 petal lotus, each pericarp of which is similar to a flame. Above this is the all encompassing, eternal, undivided, independent, steady lotus – pervading all, stainless. By its will (sveccha) it causes creation and dissolution. Both the animate and inaminate are dissolved in this linga."
(Kaulajnananirnaya Tantra, third chapter)

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