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Advice given by H.H.Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi:

"Those who think that by saying mantras morning till evening they are going to achieve much, they are sadly mistaken; it’s all mechanically done. So many people have a habit of all the time shouting mantras. It’s not a habit. Mantras should open your chakras otherwise it has no meaning. They should be used properly at key points, with great respect, with a great understanding, and then allow them to open your chakras, by which you take the water in, of that great thing known as Kundalini."
(Morning Meditation, Bordi Shibir, India, 27/1/80. Sahaja Path September 2006)

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clpatel said...

We must know the meaning of mantra in our own language.The original mantras are in Sanskrit.If we know the meaning of each word and then that of one complete mantra it would benficial. we should utter mantra by heart.The translation of mantra in different languages will be different but the meaning will be the same because it describe the same Reality.If you further go to understand that She is "Sarv amantra swaroopini" is source and master of all then looking Her photo is sufiicient.But before coming to this conclusion one must have to go through all these processes. then at the end we have surrender to Her.One will come to know that "Namo Namah" means complete surrender.After that what? one have to be in absolute silence. Nothing is left to be said once manifests in you.