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Peter and Paul

Advice given by H.H.Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi:

"the whole religion [Christianity] got perverted under the influence of Paul and Peter. It's a very serious thing they have done against Christ. It's still going on."
(Christmas 1992)

"... Paul saw a cross somewhere. He had nothing to do with Christ. He is the one who organized Christianity and spoilt all the teachings of Christ."
(Public Program, Moscow, 21/8/89)

"... what Christ gave to people was completely twisted by Paul. And he got a very nice platform for himself - he was a bureaucrat- so he wanted to jump on the platform. He was not a disciple of Christ. He had never met Christ, nothing of the kind. And, he thought the weakest disciple of Christ is Peter. Christ has said [to Peter] that, “A Satan will take over you.” So, he [Paul] edited the Bible, and in that he put it that Christ told Peter, -it’s absolute falsehood- that, “You will form your church.” That’s how Christianity started. And there are so many things he brought in. For example, he didn’t want anything to be mentioned about Christ’s Mother, about Madonna, or about the Primordial Mother."
(Talk on Shri Mahalaxhmi, Barcelona, 30/9/92)

"Why there's no respect shown to Mother Mary in the Bible? No respect. She's called a “woman” because of Paul, who was a horrible anti-Christ, who came over, who took over Christianity, tried to spread Christianity and, with that, what he wanted to put his own importance and he used Peter, who was the worst possible disciple of Christ, whom Christ has told that, 'Satan will take you over.'"
(Christmas 1993)

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