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Sahaja Yoga is Meta Science

“I call Sahaja Yoga as meta science because the method of science is not employed in Sahaja Yoga, e.g. in the medical science when we want to search something then we take a hypothesis. We think possibly this might be the solution of a particular disease. Now it is so diverse and so specialised that for a person to start research he has to be studying at least 15 years and even then he does not have complete information as to what is happening where in the whole globe. Supposing you say that I have found something new then another might inform you that they already found it in Australia. So all your effort is wasted.
You are known by discoveries you make, in also the application of it. In any research, first you try on rats, then on monkeys then on pigs and then on human beings. You find it fails. Its very dangerous, sometimes to some people some medicines act as poisons because every person is made differently and has different combinations or problems.
Unless we know what are we made of and what is our inner being, and how these diseases are caused, we will not be able to do some thing accurately. Specially allopathic medicines are very heat creating. So we have to take something to neutralise the heat that is also another blind alley.
Sahaja Yoga is a meta science. Here you do not have to research anything. It is already researched and we do not have to go working hard for it for years or to experiment on monkeys, rats etc. Also there is no specialisation.
(Talk to Doctor´s Conference, Moscow, 7/8/93.

"Science cannot answer many questions. So many have tried now to reach, in medical science, the minutest thing, called genes. But the scientists are frustrated because they cannot go any further with the help of these genes, to overcome the complications created by modern life.
The conclusion they have reached that genes are only inherited is absolutely wrong. Actually genes also reflect our personality that we create in day-to-day life. All our sympathetic [subtle] activity is reflected on our genes as well. ....
Now we have to know that the answer lies within ourselves and not outside in the world."
(Message of Meta Science, in Meta Modern Era (1997), p185)

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Les Temps Meta Modernes (Paris: Publisud, 2001) ISBN 2-86600-880-4
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Das Metamoderne Zeitalter (Dallgow, 2000)

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