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Divine Love - II

"I have so much love that I have to channelize it. If I don’t I’ll suffocate; I can’t love myself. So this love has to spread. For that I have to have you people who can take this love to others and make them happy. This is a kind of a vision I have, and in this special time, it was promised by many people, by many saints, and it is so obvious that you are all specially chosen for this kind of thing. Now how far you understand your importance, is a different point. You do for your emancipation, all right, you meditate. But if you are not channelizing the love, the Divine love, what is the use? Now supposing I repair something very nicely: I repaired this machine nicely [microphone], put it right, everything, and I don’t speak - what is the use of having this? In the same way, if you work very hard - I know people who get up at four o’clock, have their baths, do meditation, sit down, in the night again they sit down for meditation. But they never go out, they never talk to others, they never spread Sahaja Yoga. They do not give Divine love to others, so how can this great problem of this world be solved, that it has no love? It has never known Divine love. It has to be given to them. They have to feel this Divine love, this power of Adi Shakti. They have to know it; otherwise you are being selfish, I would say, that you had a nice time having all this and you have not given it to others."
(H.H.Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, Shri Adi Shakti Puja, 25/5/97)

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