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Migraine and meditation

"I decided to try Sahaja Yoga meditation due to health reasons. I suffered from severe migraines, and I was sick of taking a range of strong medication to relieve them, and “losing” days due to the medication’s side-effects of nausea and grogginess. ...
I’ve been meditating now for six years. Whilst it took a very long time for me to feel the cool breeze on either my hands or my head, what I did feel was something inside. I simply felt better, and all aspects of my life seemed to improve because of this.
Looking back after six years, I can tell you what has happened to me. My migraines have almost completely gone, my health is good, and I can now “feel” when I have a chakra that needs attention. Consequently, now I can pay attention to my body’s needs, before a problem may arise."
(Anna Penton, Australia, August 2007. Light of Love weblog)

"Jennifer was a school teacher. For years she suffered from repetitive migraine attacks and high blood pressure. She had difficulty in sleeping during the nights. Often she was irritated taking care of her kids and was losing interest in her married life too. Jennifer fought with her condition for 4 years seeking one medical opinion after the other. She was under drugs most of the time that carried her to a state of depression. It all ended one day when Jennifer discovered the fact that the cure to her illness was within herself. She learnt to awaken the power that remained dormant within herself that would cleanse her system and cure her physically and mentally. The power that Jennifer discovered was Sahaja Yoga. Sahaja Yoga is a simple form of meditation that grants Yoga or union with the divine power, by awakening the sacred energy called Kundalini."
(Bangkok Times 2001)

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