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Sierra Leone

Sahaja Yoga in Sierra Leone (in West Africa) began at Moribatown on October 14th 1985 when Mr Patrick Bhima Sheriff known also as Waju Waju received his Self Realisation. Subsequently over the next 8 months a collective of 21 was formed.
The tremendous impact of the long and destructive War resulted in disconnection of the small collective from Sahaja Yoga friends in other countries. However on July 27th 2007 contact was made by phone with Patrick after a long search for him.
He expressed his gratitude and also his love for Sahaja Yogis in general for this reunion. On asking him did he remember Sahaja Yoga teachings, he replied ” I clean my chakras every day” and went on to sing a Sahaj song called Aarti. He expressed his love for Shri Mataji and Her Bandhan over him explaining his capture by rebel troops and even though many shots were fired at him he survived.

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