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Nizamuddin and Amir Khusro

Nizamuddin "was a Sufi and he was a great realized soul ... and his disciple was Amir Khusro, was another very, very great Sufi gentleman and I always have admired his poetry and also the way Nizamuddin led his life of dignity and divinity."
(H.H.Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, Delhi, 21/3/93)

Some poetry by Amir Khusro (1253-1325):

Khusro! the river of love has a reverse flow
He who enters will drown, he who drowns will get across.

How lovely is winter in India
that makes the home and outside look like a garden.
Neither the road becomes a frozen back of the snow,
Nor the hands remain fixed in fists due to cold.
The wide fields are never short of greenery,
The trees never look naked of leaves.
The air is not empty of the chirping of birds,
Nor the garden is deserted of sounds.
Any one can embark on a journey
carrying one or two layers of clothes only.
(extract from the Mathnavi Noh Sipihr)

Whenever he visits my place, wakes me up from the sleep,
he sings the song of separation;
Is it the Beloved, oh friend? No, its mosquito!

illustration: a meeting of Nizamuddin and Amir Khusro

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