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Thisism, thatism

"Now people might say Marxism, thisism, thatism. Tukarama has said ava gaachi samsaara sukha cha kari. He said it. Same, Marx says the same. He says that the whole world should be so, such a happy place, such a happy place that there should be no state. How? Nobody asked him how? He talks of evolution. How? How the evolution is going to take place? Ask him. Ask all these communists. They are not becoming better people. Are they? Who is becoming better? Who is getting transformed by that Isms? None of them. Somebody is a disciple of this gentleman. Somebody is a disciple of that gentleman.
Somebody is following this kind of a political theory. Another following that kind of a theory. It’s a theory. In Marathi, as they say, bhola chi tsa bhola chi tsa kadi. Whatever theories you have you have written down it on your heads. Are you going to get transformation with that?
There has to be, something, happens within you. If you have to get to that point what Marx has said. What Tukarama has said. This parivarthan, this change, this transformation has to take place and that’s only possible through the Kundalini awakening. ...
Kundalini is the shudda iccha [pure desire], is the real iccha, is the one that is going to give you that what you are born for, is going to give you, after that you do not want anything else."
(H.H.Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, Public Program, Mumbai, 20/1/86)

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