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Queen of Heaven

Far up lies the celestial path.
The perilous river of life flows along.
On its rocky banks perish inexperienced voyagers
who are unable to discern the direction of good and of evil.
The All-merciful Queen of Heaven is solicitous about the inexperienced voyagers.
The All-benevolent One speeds Her help to those on the hazardous paths.
She wants to envelope the whole human sorrow of sin with a virgin veil.
Out of the resplendent city, from the wondrous abode of the angelic hosts rises the All-benevolent One.
She gathers all her saintly helmsmen and lifts up Her prayers for humankind.
The angels marvel at the labors of the Queen.
Out of the stronghold, legions arise in action.
An effulgent, beatific host is pledged to the great achievement.
They sound their trumpets in glory to the Queen.
From within the ramparts rise the Archangels.
Cherubim and Seraphim gather about the Mother of the Lord.
The Empowered, the Enthroned, the Ruling Ones aspire together.
The Great Sources, which comprise the Mystery draw near.
To the Holy Spirit, to the Great Lord, the Queen of Heaven transmits Her prayers;
for the voyagers of limited understanding, for the visitations of God’s paths,
for salvation, protection, all-mercy.
Thus the Great Spirit helps!
A great prayer rises unto Thee.
The virgin prayer of the Mother of the Lord.
Let us bring thanks to the Protectress!
Let us proclaim the Mother of the Lord:
Every living thing rejoices in Thee, Blessed One.

Nicholas Roerich (1874-1947)

Dedication to the fresco of the World Mother, Church of Princess Tenisheff’s Estate.
This Russian painter, theosophist and spiritual teacher left Russia after the Revolution, living in New York in the 1920s. After travelling in Asia, he and his family settled in India in 1929.

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