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Sophia is not only the object of divine activity, as the primordial Cosmos which includes all ideas and created beings in itself; She is Herself an active, attentive living Being who is the spiritual foundation of the world, the Soul of the World, representing nothing other than the first created, undivided, living Creature, the ideal Personality of the world and, above all, of humanity.
She is simultaneously the individual and the universal, primordial human being, or (which means the same thing) the individual and universal organism of all of humanity, actually containing in Herself all individual human beings, and in whom every human being as a creature has his or her home and metaphysical roots.
She is truly the great Mother of all persons and creatures.

Vladimir Soloviev (1853-1900)

This Russian philosopher in his youth had three visions of Sophia which sustained him for the rest of his life, including in his theological battles with the Russian Orthodox Church.

illustration: Santa Sophia, Kiev

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