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Heavenly Queen

Here is free prospect wide,
The soul up-bearing.
There women-figures glide,
Heavenwards faring.
With them the Heavenly Queen, Majesty tender,
In wreath of stars is seen,
Clear in her splendour.

Pavilioned in the heaven’s blue,
Queen on high of all the world,
For the holy sight I sue,
Of the mysteries unfurled.
Sanction what in man may move
Feelings tender and austere,
And with glow of tender love
Lifts him to thy presence near.

Souls unconquerable rise
If, sublime, thou will it;
Sinks that storm in peaceful wise
If thy pity stills it.
Virgin, pure in heavenly sheen,
Mother, throned supernal,
Highest birth, our chosen Queen,
Godhead’s peer eternal.

Now near her splendour
Floats a light cloud,
Penitents tender
In gentle crowd,
Tasting heaven’s ether,
At her feet kneeling,
For grace appealing.

To thee, enthroned in holy awe,
Power is not denied,
That the lightly erring draw,
Trusting, to thy side.
Hard to save whom lust be spake,
Weak, before his fire;
Who in single strength can break
Chains of dark desire?
So the foot will swiftly slip,
On the slant way gliding,
Heart the fool of eye and lip,
In soft words confiding.

O contrite hearts, seek with your eyes
The visage of salvation;
Blissful in that gaze, arise,
Through glad regeneration.
Now may every pulse of good
Seek to serve before thy face,
Virgin, Queen of Motherhood,
Keep us, Goddess, in thy grace.

Goethe (1749-1832), Faust, Part II, act 5

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