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Yogi scholars

"To bring benevolence in this world we must write benevolent things, write something idealistic, something higher, something hopeful, something which gives them a new dimension of understanding. All the Sahaja Yogis must start writing. Ramdas Swami has said that, “Every day you must write something.” Write diaries, write novels, write articles, do what you like - poems, poetry. All kinds of things you can do if you just know that you have to be yogi scholars, but not intellectuals. Intellectuals have the knowledge of others, but scholars built up their knowledge on the true knowledge of others. That’s the difference between a scholar and an intellectual. Intellectual has nothing of his own, he’s a confused person and he doesn’t want to say, because he’s so frightened that if he says anything that “This is what I think,” then people might say that he is a man of domination or something like that. You need not be a graduate, you need not be anything, but that quality is built within you, which is a very big thing and is very much connected."
(H.H.Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, Sheffield, 21/9/85)

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