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The Spirit as reflection of the Divine

What is Spirit? What work is it doing residing within us and how is it related to God? It is said that Spirit is the reflection of God in our heart. This reflection is like that of the sun in water. Although reflection of the sun is seen in water, he is away in the sky and not in water. Similarly Spirit is as much as it is seen, it is beyond all that and not limited by it. But, for any reflection to be clearly visible the mirror, which is the cause of that reflection must be clean. If the mirror is not clean, or instead of mirror a stone is there, the sun's reflection will not be seen in it. In the same way, that may look disturbed who has not yet become clean like mirror, so that he can see the God's reflection within himself. Although the sun is seen taking different shapes on the ripples of flowing water, he is steady at his place and it is only his reflection that changes its shape. Similarly, the reflection of Spirit appears to be absent or it just shines for a moment and disappears, in the person who is full of sin and wickedness or whose heart is loaded with false ambitions and desires. It thus entails that all these - body, mind, intellect, ego etc. that we know, should be converted into a mirror.

H.H.Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, Hindi lecture, Delhi, 18/8/79

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