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Centre Heart chakra

... these higher centres are playing a very vital role in our being. The one which is the heart centre is looking after the security of God's children. When a person sees something horrible this centre starts pulsating fast. Till the age of twelve years the sternum bone which is placed in the ribs here, as you know, creates antibodies to fight any invasion within, whether mental, emotional or physical. These antibodies get distributed till the age of twelve years throughout your body. And when this sternum gets the message it starts shaking and it conveys, communicates, through no nerves or arteries or ways any connection known so far, to these antibodies that they should all fight. They fight the disease, they fight also the things, what you call possessions. They also fight your own mistakes. That's why this is a very important centre within us.
If a lady is an insecure woman, if she feels insecure then this centre is always in a pulsating mood. And that's how it makes all the antibodies very tired, because they're all the time in a state of emergency. Also these cults have used this method of putting people onto emergency. Give them exercises by they jump, jump, jump or something like that. Now you can ask any doctor, this kind of jumping without any support can create impotency in a personality. Now this is very physically used method by these people to make them nervous by making this centre move very fast. Now when these antibodies are tired they become absolutely numbed down and they cannot find any strength to fight any aggression. Now in everyday life also if some lady as I told you is nervous and she has problem and she's always afraid then what happens that this system start exerting itself too much - ultimately it gets sick and then she can develop a disease called the breast cancer. This breast cancer is very common now-a-days among women in the West. Because the motherhood of the lady is challenged. This centre is bestowed upon by the deity of Mother of the Universe. And when the lady finds that her motherhood is challenged then she starts feeling very nervous, this centre goes into over-activity and then she develops this cancer of the breast, troubles of the breast, all kinds of such troubles because the antibodies have become now very weak.
On the left-hand side of this centre is the centre what we call as the left heart center. But beyond that is residing the Spirit, in your heart, in the organ, separated from everyone. The Spirit is the reflection of God Almighty within yourself. And the Kundalini is the Holy Ghost which is the power of God, which is the Primordial Mother, expressed within you as the Kundalini. So we have got within us that power, Shakti, and the Shiva, sitting in your heart. So this Kundalini has to rise to give you realization. The baptism, the real baptism. Not an artificial one. ...
Now we have on the right hand side of this is another part of the centre which we call as right heart. This centre is the father’s centre and the left heart is the mother’s centre. So if your fatherhood is challenged in any way or also husband wise we can say that. If the husband is not loyal to his wife and is playing tricks with her, he gets this into trouble. But physically he feels it very much because he gets asthma from her. Asthma one develops, but this is more the centre of the father. If the fatherhood of the person is not all right.

H.H.Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, extracts from Talk at 3rd Public Program, Melbourne, Australia, 10/3/83

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